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Keaton Beach
Area Information

Shhhhhhhh! We are one of the best-kept secrets in Florida! Original "Old Florida" at it's best. Quiet, beautiful, secluded, and basically undeveloped, this is the natural Florida that few people get to see.

Keaton Beach is located in "The Big Bend" on the Gulf Coast of Florida, which is part of Taylor County's "Nature Coast". Keaton Beach is 17 miles south of Perry and 17 miles north of Steinhatchee on CR 361, the "Scenic Coastal Loop". Taylor County's coastline consists of over 150 miles, with 85% of it unspoiled and owned by the State of Florida. The waters of Taylor County have been designated as "Pristine" by the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission. There are 82,000 acres of State Wildlife Management Areas that are available for hunting, fishing, or wildlife watching.

Our coastal areas include oyster reefs, salt marshes, sponge beds and underwater meadows. Taylor County's Gulf coast also provides great opportunities for fishing, scalloping, bird watching, kayaking, and recreational boating. The wildlife includes otters, osprey, bald eagles, bobcats, panthers, wild pigs, turkeys and many other coastal species.

The "Beaches Area" encompasses Spring Warrior,.Adams Beach, Dekle Beach, Boggy Bay, Ezell Beach, Keaton Beach, Cedar Island, Dark Island, Fish Creek and Hagans Cove. The Beaches Area has a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere. While we do not have wide, white, sandy beaches, we do have a few natural beaches and one man-made beach at the tip of Keaton Beach.

Keaton Beach offers a beautiful beach, with shaded picnic pavilions, rest rooms, a 700 ft fishing pier and new public boat ramp. We're known for our quiet laid back atmosphere and beautiful sunsets.

If you've never scalloped, Keaton Beach is the place to do it! Taylor County is one of only five counties in Florida where scalloping is still allowed. Scalloping, which begins in July and ends September 10th, is something the whole family will love to do. All you need are the warm, clear waters of the Taylor County Gulf, a dive flag, some snorkel equipment, and a mesh bag (a boat or guide will also be useful). If you plan on visiting during scallop season, please be aware that because it is such a popular sport, most people make reservations several months in advance, due to the limited number of accommodations at Keaton Beach.

Hagen's Cove, located on the Gulf, approximately five miles south of Keaton Beach, is State owned and maintained. Here you'll find picnic pavilions, hiking trails, and an observation tower. Because of the shallow waters and grass flats, you'll find several species of fish and birds, horseshoe crabs, and even the occasional eagle.

Hickory Mound Wildlife Management Area is a great place to view waterfowl, raptors and the occasional alligator.

Taylor County, a part of Florida's "Nature Coast" was established in 1856, and has a wealth of natural beauty and resources. Perry is the county seat, and the central hub of road and rail transportation. Approximately 90% of Taylor County land area is forest, supporting the county's primary industry of wood processing and many outdoor recreational opportunities. The area is varied, including coastline, rolling hills, rivers, lakes, as well as forest.

Forestry is Taylor County's largest industry, earning it the designation of "Tree Capital of the South." Over 525,000 acres in Taylor County are planted in timber. In addition to forestry, Taylor County's diversified industrial base includes a large marine industry, pyrotechnic manufacturers, and snack and food companies. Taylor County is bordered on its western boundary by the Gulf beaches, and nearly 50 miles of coastline has been preserved in its natural state. There is an abundance of commercial and recreational fishing and boating, as well as many other recreational water sports, and Taylor County boasts some of the finest hunting areas in the country. Each October, Taylor County hosts the Florida Forest Festival. The Festival, which attracts over 50,000 people includes parades, beauty pageants, chain saw competitions and the "world's largest free fish fry."